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4Some outing!
Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2009, at 8:58 PM
hey guys..
a thought has came to me..
and i am still pondering if i wanna to act it or not..
i was thinking of Closing down my Blog.
i mean, you guys can see it..
i havent been very active in it.
then i dont think keeping it is needed
still thinkin about it so not sure yet
will update you guys ar..

yeah went out the whole night with 4Some again!
hehe and really meant WHOLE night..
went Chomp Chomp to makan...
Gosh was it packed there!
haha but ate quite a few things
that claims that she can eat the whole lion
then went to cathy starbucks and spend the night there
talked alot..
keep updating each other about our life..
the thing about 4Some is that, there is nothing to hide between us..
we say EVERYTHING..hehe
yeah... at least i have some friends to pour out everything without hiding any..hehe
ya it was suppose to be a hehe haha session
until our conver changed to Ghost stories. REAL life Ghost stories
talked for a few hours about that
man was it CREAPY

went to take NR to Bukit Panjang mac at around 3 plus as
fel need to head home
ya then so so lor...

i was just thinking
last time the 4 of us was able to see and meet each other every single day!
in school..
having alot of time together
but now its like every 4 months or so we meet ones to catch up
feel liks time is really passing us
and that we are really growing up fast..
time do change things..!
but i hope that no matter what things are change
4Some wont!!

Posted on Saturday, March 28, 2009, at 10:02 PM
Life is Lovely
Life is Insane
Life is Fun
Life is Exciting..

is that all for Life?
Life has full of surprises
Life has full of Ups and Downs..
Sometimes it has U-turns, sometimes it doesn't..
Life is like Gas - it doesnt have a fix shaped
Life is also like Liquid - do not under estimate it
Life can also be a solid- as rigid at times...

But no matter how Life turns out to be..
we Cant do anything about it.. Or can we?
Life is not always about Me, I but rather, He, She, We..
No life is complete without one and other..
No life fits to be called a life without your friends...

Through the Current NP SSC
i see through alot of things..
mostly things of myself..
how i project myself..
how i present myself
how i act at certain events.
etc etc..

i am going to try to start everything a new..
going to strive hard in everything that i do
start from my second year!
haha yeah!
so guys..
a new stozer is coming up..
you guys seen the old or shall i say the Current one
imagine what the new stozer will be like

Sports camp!
Posted on Saturday, March 21, 2009, at 11:17 PM

sports camp 09/10 is just
simply awesome..
haha... for those who missed it..
all i can say is that you guys just missed out something that
is going to blow you away
you can always go and ask KJ if you dont believe me!
at first he was pondering if he should go Sports camp or SU-FOC
luckly he choose to come to Sports camp..
and he told me he had FUN!
i can really see it
as he was always cheering and highly !
KJ, i am so proud of you!

This Sports is really a engery Sucking Camp!
this is the first camp that let me lose my Voice on the very First afternoon of the camp
and also the first that made me feel so tired on the very FIRST day
but being a GL, though being down and scake, you have to act
high to cheer your group (Kadian) up..
but i dont think i did a perfect job..
i will try harder next time..
hope my Kids will forgive me!

though its a 4D3N ; or for the GLs 4D4N camp
it really flies... like a flash..
miss the kids now...
miss those days where we sleep late... on the hard floor
for a matter of few hours..
and when its time to wake up
then you have to pull yourself up and act hyper
as the Freshies will look up to you!

actually there is just too many things to say about
the sports camp
and the things that i went through with the Gls and the freshies
that i dont know where to start
so it will be better if i show you guys some of the pics..
i will do so once i get my hands on them ok?

Posted on Sunday, March 15, 2009, at 11:47 AM
working is really tiring..
i know some of you guys must be
however though this job is engery draining...
but i kinda like it..
every morning when i wake up
i will be like..
Gosh.. no energy... no life...
but never once i thought of not going to work..
the pay is not bad..
the people there are great...
met alot of friends...

talked to alot people!

so if ya... didnt reply any of your mails
or whatever.. sorry!

KSS Sports Fiesta!
Posted on Saturday, March 7, 2009, at 4:21 PM
i really want to thank
Kranji Sec again!
Once again Kranji did not make me to feel high
it did not fail to make me happy!
i have never felt this high after leaving Kranji..
i didn't regret going back to kranji today..

actually i had a hard time thinking if i should go back or not..
as.. i just camp back from NP SSC sports camp trail camp
and that camp is a energy draining camp...
i have lost about 8O% of my voice ( you can ask the kranjians. my voice was weird today)
and i was really not feeling well..
worst of all i am seriously lacking of sleep..
everyday i am packed with either Camps or Work
i really dont have a rest day...
hence i was thinking... if i was not going to kranji
i will have as much sleeep as i desire..

haha. but the little kranjian inside me
persuaded me..
and i really had fun..
being high with KJ, samuel, syafiq, kai zhun, jie heng etc etc
and we call ourself the
haha and we OWNED all the stations...
hehe... fun is the word..

oh just so if you guys are wonder why we went back to kranji
was beacuse kranji had
thier Sports Fiesta today
or so we called it Annual Road Run for the Ex kranjians..
just that this year is abit different..

thanks kranjian again!

exams CANCEL
Posted on Sunday, March 1, 2009, at 9:19 PM

1 down.....

2 down.....

3 down.....

4 down.....


That was all that i was thinking for the past 2 and a half week
i got to say, its really was a tough week
but luckly its all over..
or i think it is!
though i studied hard.
But i fear for my Major Module
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
i am worried that i will retake that module
oh... please pray for me guys!

haha but whatever, the worst is over
now all i can do is to get ready for my Camps that is coming
and work... and i am sure that 7 weeks will be a flash..

Fri was my last paper
and me and 6 other guys went to chill..
we went to catch a movie...
lol... it is call
"He is just not so into you"
lol.. just imagine this..
SIX big guys (Da Nan Ren)
watch this kinda show together..
lol... what a joke la!

though the show is quite nice
but i am disappointed..
i was hoping that i could learn something from it
like to know more in site things..
things that i usually over look
that makes relationship go bad
or that makes the other party
feel bad...
but NO...
everything is like so obvious!
hiax.. disappointed..

but i agreed with two points over there!!
at least i took away something right?

1st- If a guy want to date you, he will do whatever it takes to do so
If a guy want to call you, he will..

2nd- Friends, always seem to tell you that. they know a friend of a friend who is
facing the same situation as you, and is doing fine!. but is it always so
considental? though sometimes we know its a fake. but it just feels good
hearing that right?

haha right?
haha just something i thought about..

oh then went to heren to makan Fish and Co with Nicky and Normy yesterday
missing 1 more guys
wonder when will he join us?
was kinda fun, chatting and having a meal with them besides in school


Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009, at 9:33 PM

Oh dear!
oh my....!!
i am stressed! yeah that is the word... STRESSED!
Poly life is really gettin to my neck!
being super busy now..
may be is because of me joining too many things in school..
trying to get my timetable as pack as possible
so that i wouldn't not have free time..
everyday pack to the max!
with this.. i will be busy with something for like 18 hours per day..
excluding the time i sleep and eat and travel
thats the only time that i usually am free to think..
if i am being blessed with the enegry
how i wish i can use those times to be busy too.
As only when being busy
i won't not have the time to think...
to think of the FACT..
to face the reality..
to have no time to think makes me
live in a world of denial..
to not have the time to wonder off in my mind
makes me feel that i am still there...
i know that i am running away..
but thats all i can do now..
wonder how long my body can take it...
not its like..
i joined about 4 CCAs..
all those CCAs takes alot of my time
and it is energy draining...
with that, i can just slam myself onto the bed
every night. preventing me from thinking before i fall asleep..
and now..
i am mugging for my end of year exams..
and guess what..
i am studying MUCH harder than i do for my Os..
study the whole day..
and i mean the WHOLE day!
have never worked so hard before..
but i know that even with these hard work
i won't score well..
everything is being bottled up..